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"Disciples of St. John the Apostle"

(Disciples of Hope)

(Discipuli Spei in Latin)

“The Disciples of St. John the Apostle” or “Disciples of Hope” in latin "Discipuli Spei," is a religious community of brothers, deacons and priests who are committed to provide pastoral, spiritual and sacramental care to those who are in the peripheries of life."

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We, the Disciples of Hope, a Catholic religious community, missionary in character, aim to uphold the Gospel values by promoting the dignity and sanctity of life specially in its final stage.


1. To provide pastoral and spiritual care

a) for the sick and terminally ill

b) for the elderly

c) for drug dependents and their families

d) for those with suicidal tendency and mental health problems

d) for prisoners especially those in death-rows

2. To promote the Sacrament of Reconciliation

3. Parish ministry where our charism is needed


1. Hospital and hospice chaplaincy

2. Prison ministry

3. Patmos retreat for the sick

4. Availability for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

5. Retreats and counselling for drug dependents and their families

6. Clinical pastoral education program


The Disciples of Hope strive to imitate Christ through the example of John the beloved disciple who stood with Mary at the foot of the cross providing quality presence to the dying Jesus. With Mary they see the suffering of Jesus among the sick, dying, the elderly, drug dependents and those with mental health issues.

The Disciples of Hope respond to the gift of a call to serve by activating the gift of supernatural hope that is already present in the people of God.

Bible verse: Mark 12:28-31

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