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"Disciples of St. John the Apostle"

(Disciples of Hope)

(Discipuli Spei in Latin)

“The Disciples of St. John the Apostle” or “Disciples of Hope” in latin "Discipuli Spei," is a religious community of brothers, deacons and priests who are committed to provide pastoral, spiritual and sacramental care to those who are in the peripheries of life."

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Innermost Ring

The innermost ring marked "1" is the core of the Discipuli Spei community whose members live in solitude and silence. Their life of prayer is personified by Mary who stood beneath the cross in prayerful silence. (prayer - oratio)

Second Ring

The second ring marked "2" is composed of the active members with vows, or those preparing for religious profession. They are the religious members in the strict sense of the term. They may be brothers, deacons or priests who are actively involved in the ministry. Since John and Mary stood in audible proximity to Jesus on Calvary they heard His last words on the Cross. In turn members of this group announce the words of Christ to those who are in the peripheries of life. They are represented by St. John the beloved disciple standing for the newly-born Church and personifying unity (unitas).

Third Ring

The third ring is for diocesan or religious priests with permission from their respective bishops or superiors to join the Discipulispei community as associate members for one or two terms. Though still connected with their diocese or religious community they have the option to join permanently to the first or second rings. This third ring is represented by St. Mary Magdalene whose transformed life made her a messenger of the good news of Christ's resurrection to the apostles. She personifies the beauty of contagious joy and peace from reconciliation (reconciliatio).

Fourth Ring

The fourth ring is composed of lay people from all walks of life, retired or active. They offer their voluntary services to the Discipuli Spei apostolate while living in their own homes. They take part in the mission of the Disciples of Hope through their financial support, prayers and for some who are able, through direct involvement in the ministry as lay collaborators. They are represented by Mary, wife of Cleofas who personifies help (auxilium). Because of their assistance to Christ post-mortem, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea are Mary's male counterparts. With approval of the head of the Discipuli Spei community, members of the fourth ring may join the first ring after formation and probation.


Professed Members (2nd Ring):

1. Fr. Eugene Elson Cagoco, DS General Moderator and Formator General House, Quezon City

2. Fr. Edward “ JC” Gallora, DS Vicar and General Treasurer Council Member Chaplain of FEU-NRMF Medical Center Fairview, Quezon City

3. Fr. Luis Agostino Evardoni, DS General Secretary Council Member Chaplain of St. Luke’s Medical Center E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City

4. Br. Pedro Agawa, DS Council Member 1 General House, Quezon City

5. Fr. Joshua Alvero, DS Chaplain, VA Medical Center Van Nuys, CA USA

6. Fr. Ronnie dela Cruz, DS Hospital Ministry Catholic Chaplains’ Corps Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Houston, TX USA

7. Fr. Thomas Devasahayam, DS Hospital Ministry Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Houston, TX USA

8. Rev. JR Dalisay, DS Most Holy Trinity Parish Phoenix, AZ USA

9. Fr. Michael Julian Barrosa, DS St. Cecilia Catholic Church Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Houston, TX USA

Associate Members (3rd Ring):

1. Fr. Anton “Ricky” Masdo General House Quezon City

2. Fr. Rogelio “Roger” Guinit General House Quezon City


1. Br. Greg Libetario

2. Br. Sandeep Golla

Bible verse: Mark 12:28-31

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