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"Disciples of St. John the Apostle"

(Disciples of Hope)

(Discipuli Spei in Latin)

“The Disciples of St. John the Apostle” or “Disciples of Hope” in latin "Discipuli Spei," is a religious community of brothers, deacons and priests who are committed to provide pastoral, spiritual and sacramental care to those who are in the peripheries of life."

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Formation Program

"The Disciples of Hope or "Discipuli Spei" follows the decrees and guidelines for the formation of priests and religious according to the following church documents:

1. Patores Dabo Vobis (1992)

2. Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis (FRIS)

3. Optatam Totius (Decree on Priestly Training)

4. Priestly formation program approved by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)

Stages in Formation

1. Aspirancy period

a) Senior high program

b) Four-year Philosophy program (Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy)

c) Two-year Certificate Program in Philosophy (For those who graduated non-philosophy program in college)

2. Postulancy period (one year)

a) This period also serves as Psycho-Spiritual and Pastoral Integration Year (PSPI)

3. Novitiate period (one year)

a) The candidate will join the Exodus: a one-year inter-congregational program for novices

b) At the end of this period, the seminarian may apply for first profession of religious vows

4. Theological program (Three - Four years)

a) After first year in theology the seminarian may apply for his second profession of vows

b) After second year the seminarian may apply for his third profession of vows

c) After third year the seminarian may apply for his final profession of vows

5. Pre-diaconal program

a) This is done after theology

b) The candidate may apply for Diaconal ordination at the end of this program

6. Diaconal program (One year)

a) At the end of this program the Deacon may apply for ordination to priesthood

7. ASSIST Residency Program

(For newly ordained)

Bible verse: Mark 12:28-31